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Hi everyone, I'm Rory

Just bought myself a Corolla T Sport after writing off my Starlet SR. Was so gutted, but on to bigger and better things.

After driving my SR for the best part of 3 years, it ended up hitting a tree and dying. Gutted as it was such a nippy little car, i even considered buying another SR to replace it.

So after a few weeks of looking at different cars (Mk1 MX-5, Suzuki Vitara Wideboy, Honda Civic Type-R EP3) all of which i nearly bought. I spoke to my Dad who works for Toyota in Worcester. I asked him to keep an eye out for either an EP3 or a T-Sport. I didn't know much about the T-Sports but knew they were similar to EP3's.

2 days later my Dad rang me and said the parts gut that works for them has a T-Sport in their compound thats been sat there doing nothing for 5 months. Winner!

I went and viewed it the very next day, It needed a new front fog, 2 front tires and a service but was mine for £1000 as long as i did my dad a duty free favour.

Haven't had a chance to take decent photos of it yet, but i will when i'm able to clean it and the weather isnt ****.


Heko Wind Deflectors - Got just not fitted. (£23 ebay)

Apex Lowering Springs (40mm all round) - Got just not fitted (£90 bargain)

K&N Typhoon Induction it

Window Tints

That'll do for a bit, then future;

Tein coilovers

New wheels

New interior including seats

Colour coordination (probably red)

any suggestions/advice welcomed and needed. I'm not mechanically educated but i think i can fit the Apex springs myself if i can get hold of some spring clamps. will just need a wheel balance after.

Thanks for looking




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Hello Rory. Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy the forums - especially the Corolla and Starlet clubs

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Welcome to the club Rory. Enjoy it and your new motor.

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