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Toyota 1N Engine Repair Manual

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Thanks ! I have this engine (1N turbo). i recently had to open engine due to blown head gasket.

and found out the aluminum head had lost its original thickness by 40 thousands of inch (40 thou).

also i cant get the original valves for this engine here in madras city, india. the valves i can buy here

are thicker and dont go into original recess. seat is too hard to grind with the stones my mechanic has.

unable to get gasket of higher thickness to compensate ! hope your manual helps me to know original clearances.

incidentally i fitted this diesel engine into maruti gypsy (The Maruti Gypsy is a four-wheel-drive vehicle based on the long wheelbase Suzuki Jimny SJ40/410 series. It is primarily an off-road vehicle, ), this vehicle is popular for safari rides and used in tanzania national park to carry tourists ! it was used by military in india too ! i replaced the original petrol engine 1000cc with this 1500cc turbo engine of toyota.

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Hello ! I am unable to download this file ! please can you split this into 15 or 20MB zip files ? i keep trying and all i can download is the 20MB and then it breaks off !

or can you please put it on some other like filesdownload etc ? thanks !

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Do you need Cylinder head torque settings ? its 50 ft.lbs/ 68 N.m

the sequence to loosen (reverse seq for tighten) is

4 6 9 7 1

2 8 10 5 3

Thats keeping the engine front side to your left as you look down from top of engine.

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Thanks for the Manual guys. know about any modifications to injectors, diesel pump and turbo to squeeze some more juice out of it? currently running on ct12 standard boost. planning to add an intercooler to the setup. :thumbsup:

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Hello Christi

here is link


its 10MB size. Its important pages of manual. original was here in same thread in first post, but its pdf and was corrupted , I couldnt download it correctly, finally i used a pdf fixing program to extract part of the pages ! most of the important settings are here in this section i pulled out from original manual. I am Raj, I am an engineer, I live in India.

I use the 1N engine, refitted it to another vehicle and using it. Its a good engine. Make sure your timing belt is checked from time to time with proper tension and the pulleys on this belt (water pump, fuel pump, idler pulley) are free and never jammed (or replace that part if jamming or any doubt) and the engine will be reliable. Its an interference engine, so if you put the timing belt off correct setting, your valves and cam shaft will get damaged or cam shaft cast brackets will get cracked ! fortunately all parts available on markets here, still. Get a good radiator of copper or brass, in long run saves engine life a lot when it runs cooler, use a reliable coolant in radiator, corrosion can be a problem leading to blown out head gaskets. Good luck !

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