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Factory Miss Programmed Smart Entry Systemproblems

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I own a 2012 model Land Criuser. At first all was well or seemed that way. Yoy touched the handle & it locked the car, when you went to the car & touched the handle all the doors unlocked. But they did'ent! We first noticed the problem when l entered the car but the passenger door was locked. It worked correctly for a few times then played up. If you did the same at the passenger door you did not always open the drivers door. The tail gate buttons seemed to work ok. The car went back to the dealers who could find nothing wrong! It went on & on untill l was able to prove the fault to them!!!! They had the car for a full day & had to go through the Smart Entry System programe. The car had been incorrectly programmed in the manufactoring stage! So now it is working & has only taken a year!!!!!

Has anyone else had any Smart Entry System problems. If the car plant can screw up one car then how many more are out there.

A constant rattle in the rear of the car from the rear seats turned out to be a "long reach socket" that had been left in the car again at manufacture in the plant. It was in the adjusting rail track.

All l can say is this is Quality Control at its Worse.

So far l have had nothing from Toyota, not even that little word SORRY.

So has any one else had any problems?

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Stuart....welcome to TOC.............This section is for new members introductions only and not for questions about your vehicle

Please repost your question in the appropriate forum section :) (Landcruiser Club)

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