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Navigation (Gps) For Toyota Avensis 2005 D4D 2.2D

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What's the model and version of navigation for Toyota Avensis 2005 D4D 2.2D?

With witch maps do they work?

Is it work for it "Toyota Lexus Navi Dvd Navigation E16 East Europe (2012/2013)"

Is there anywhere in internet where to find free maps, and if so where?

Thanks in advance.

Special regards:

Vladislav Rizov

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No one on this forum will give you any advice on free maps (and to be honest i would not even be bothered looking)

So you have to:

- Identify the model of your Nav system as you are the only one who can see it (different vehicles could have different models)

- Or ask your local Toyota dealer for a quote for your Nav system maps (that would be the quickest option as if its a genuine system they can give you all the info you need)

- Once you know what are you looking for and if you cannot afford the dealer's price the answer will be genuine maps from Ebay

I hope this helps

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I'm from Bulgaria, and official dealers are crazy about prices....for east europe dvd they want something like 100 Euro, witch is too high for our standart :) Any way if i have to ask them for those kind of information, they will never say, just to buy deam DVD from them. So that's why i go down and even try in forums like this to ask people.

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