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Mmt Clutch Slipping

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My (seven year old) MMT Aygo seems to have developed a fault with the clutch - I can only accelerate gently (0-60mph in about three minutes) and kick down doesn't work either. When I step on the gas pedal a bit too much the car starts beeping and just revs up but not gain in speed.

However, I can go through all the gears and am able to cruise on the motor way at 70mph.

I believe I am experiencing a slipping clutch.

My questions:

1. How come the "MMT warning light" does not light up?

2. How do I know it is actually the clutch that needs replacing, rather than say the clutch actuator which from what I know costs £££ ?



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Definitely a slipping clutch. You do not give mileage but if original small clutch that was fitted then it has lastest longer than most.

The slipping clutch is not an MMT fault but if it overheated I believe you would get a warning.

Best get it changesd soonest.

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I think Toyota fits the same clutch as in the Yaris 190 mm one (as opposed to the older 180mm one). It is going to be expensive if you do not have some kind of guarantee. Besides the MMT cars need some kind of re-programming after the new clutch and that means you can not get it done at the independant garage either. I have an Aygo MMT from 2008 and fortunately it has Toyota warranty up till 2016.

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