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Running Rough, Hesitant To Accelerate


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We got our Avensis back from its service to find it still runs rough at idle or when crawling at low speed / rpm. And also hesitant to pull away. Once the revs rise it all smooths out and no problems. I had this years ago with a Ford and it turned out to be a HT lead breaking down. Our Avensis hasn't seen a Toyota dealership in 10 years but i notice it still has its original Toyota leads. Guessing it's done the best part of 80,000 miles on them now.

Looking around i notice Mick's Garage online sell Tesla Leads for £25, instead of £80 for the Toyota leads. Has anyone ever used this brand before?

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I have not used the leads you mentioned, but last year bought a set from Euro Car Parts. This is my 3rd set replacing another brand that in turn replaced the original Toyota leads.

The quality of the leads seems.

The symptoms you describe is what I had with the jerky response.

Pull the leads down slightly in the insulator sheaths so that when the plugged into the spark plugs, there is a god connection.

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Hi Konrad, many thanks for the reply. Funny enough i looked at the Euro Car Parts site and their nearest branch is not too far away either. Only thing that stopped me was the price. They want £42 for their set and it says they could be any brand, which they have got. Have visions of them having Tesla as well and then paying a bit over the odds. But it does mean i could sort it out sooner.

Thanks for the tip when installing, will do that.

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