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Wanted - Yaris T-Sport Performance Parts

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am looking for.....

yaris t-sport performance parts.

TTE parts

TRD parts

am also after poly bushes ect ( any poly parts )

but am struggling to find them for the yaris t sport

i dont no if its just with being in the UK or what cause alot of people on here same to have there t-sports looking very smart!!!!

and help will be thanked

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also TTE or TRD body parts as well..... thanks

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Front poly bushes can be had here:

They are expensive.

If you have a friend in the USA and am planning to take a trip there, you can get them here:

for far less, and they sell the better (IMHO) black ones (The black ones have a graphite lubricant embedded in them whereas the red ones don't)

They do deliver to the UK, but you pay more for delivery than the part! That said, I think it's still slightly cheaper than from Superflex

You're right that TTE parts are getting harder to find; I think it's due to the age of the car and the fact that TTE shut down most of their consumer side some years ago :(

People like Fensport seem to be the most likely place to find such parts atm.

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