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Warning Lights For Engine And Vsa/trac On Rav4 Xt4 Vvti 54


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Just purchased the above from a small dealer... It was a car he had only just taken in part exchange.

He delivered it to us on Friday. On Saturday when coming back from the shop the above two warning lights came on.

On Sunday they were still on, but went off later that day after car being stood whilst out.

Today after collecting children from school, both lights came on again.

It might not be related, but on both occasions I had opened the boot to put things in and that's when the lights came on.

Any idea's before I get onto the dealer and since it was sold with "No warranty" what are my rights.

Thanks in advance...

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Hi welcome to the forum,

Firstly just an idea to try. There was a Technical Note from Toyota a while back that the VSC could get very confused if the Battery was disconnected and reconnected with the steering wheel not centered. If the cars been sitting on a forecourt its possible that the Battery was disconnected at some point.

I would center the steering wheel (front wheels pointing dead straight) disconnect the earth from the Battery wait a minute and then reconnect. If you still get the fault when driving then its definitely nothing to do with this.

Assuming this was not a trade sale (ie you are in the car trade) you are covered by the sale of good act, see


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you don't need a warranty, take it back and politely ask the dealer for his help (he'll have a tame garage) and at the end of the day it is his responsibility (Sale of Goods, etc. act)

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Thanks... will speak with him tomorrow. What do I need to do if he tells me to sling my hook (so to speak). I've probably been watching too much Rogue Trader and I'm doubting the guy before I've spoken to him I know, but would just like to be prepared.

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If they are a dealer you have legal rights whatever it says on the receipt.

Tell them to avoid legal costs, they should get it sorted.

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