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Putting New Aygo Cd Player Unit In Older Model?


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I do not know if it's a straight swap as I am not sure if the wiring harness is the same on later models! ...Is it a case of you 'happen' to have a newer model radio/cd hanging around? or will you have to go out and buy one?

You can fit an after market head unit very easily and probably far better quality for far less money....

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The units are a straight swap however there is no difference in sound quality from the unit itself the improvement on the newer car comes from an improvement in the speaker setup as the new Aygo has dedicated tweeters in the dash and dedicated mid range Speakers in the front doors, whereas your early Aygo has very small mid range Speakers in the dash and rear and cheap tweeters in the a pillars.

Replacing the poor factory Speakers with after market units & fitting mid range speakers in the front doors will give you a much better improvement.

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The units are a straight swap .

I'm sorry, but that's not true at all! The Form factor might be the same, but the connections on the rear are ALL different.

No ISO, but a Quadlock, something specifiec for USB, Fakra of the antenna instead of DIN.

And there are no adapter-leads available.

On the Dutch forum someone has made the swap, but it took him a LOT of work and figuring out...

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