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Toyota Tazz( 2E Motor) Need Help


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Hi toyota owners... my names Jean. I drive a toyota tazz 1300 (2E motor). I need advice on tuning this little motor, I already have a free-low system on. Was wonder if the next parts would give me any power gain and where I could get it for a reasonable price I am from SOUTH AFRICA.

Branch 4-1/4-2-1


Weber 32/36 carburetor

Carburetor plenum adapter

Short ram Induction preferably simota & breather filter

can i change to a bigger cam and vernier gear(s)? Or wil it be cheaper to just swap to 4AGE- BT?

I need advice please and thanks

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Hello Jean. Welcome to TOC.

The Toyota Tazz was a South African version of the Corolla E90, made from 1996 through to 2006.

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do u think i should do those mods on the 2E motor or just swap to 4AGE motor? thanks

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Hi Jean and welcome. You may get advice by posting your questions on the Corolla forum on here.

Good luck.

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