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Toyota Corolla 1.8 Vvtli 54 Plate

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After an absence from the forum for a couple of years due to only having an Avensis Verso keen to get back into serious Toyota ownership. I am currently looking at a T sport, 54 plate facelifted model.

The car has done 51000 miles and has been looked after by an enthusiast. Will get some checks done for HPI, CAT C/D etc but seller is asking 3250 but is willing to come down to 2900. I was pitching at 2750 and may go to 2800 if mot is a long ay off, there is a good amount of road tax left and has been recently serviced. I probably could go to 2900 if there are no other costs for say 6 months.

Car is in very good condition and the guy has lots of receipts for work done etc.

Is 2800/2900 a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance....


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Sounds like a good price to me.When i bought my 55 plate T-Sport it was originally advertised at £4495 with 63,000 miles on the clock.I waited a while & eventually the price dropped to £3995 went in with cash came out paying £3650 for it.

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Funky Phil,

Thanks for the reply..........always helps when someone confirms what you think.

Just had a drive of the car. MY impressions after a good 30 minute test drive.

Car ambles along quite nicely to 70/80 mph and is pretty quiet in my wife's
words. Quieter that the box that is our Toyota Avensis Verso.

Over 6000revs and wahey...the kick is impressive.

MPG up to 80 is around 35 says the computer...probably better that our Verso but that is a lump of a car.

Everything feels nice and tight..gearbox is good.....1st to 2nd is fine. Pulls well in all gears.

Ride is pretty good, not solid, thrashy, and crashy but pretty compliant.
Surprised that is was so go..and we intentionally went for some pot holes.

Inside is pretty spotless....previous owner has spilt
some white paint on the floor on the left had side of the passenger
footwell but I should be able to get that of no problem.

Previous owner is going to get car through it's MOT for a year which will be a good sign what condition it is in.

He has also replaced all the brake discs and pads some 4 years ago and they all look fine.

Mileage is verified at previous MOTs and DVLA.

He has owned it for 4 years and treated it well.

Tyres have a good couple of years left in them.

AC works but isn't ice cold which I can sort myself.

Stereo all works well.

Seats work.

Heater works.

Did a check on the ECU using ODB tool to my phone and all is good.

Alloys are all straight.

Owner has two keys. Unsure if one is a remote ofr not..might have to buy one remote key. Probably the only thing I didn't check.

Looks a good one and surprised how compliant and quiet the ride is.


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There a good car mate.Had a couple of issues with mine but nothing that can`t be sorted.Like you say hit that 6200rpm & its really kicks its heals up! I love it when you get some young lad in a Golf Gti or the like trying to race me they have no clue just what i`ve got under the bonnet! :) Mine`s got a few scratches & stonechips etc that are to be expected of a 8 year old car. Anyone know where i can get a parcel shelf from? Never had one when i bought it.

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Had the T sport for about a week now and all the other cars are sitting languishing in the driveway not getting

The car is a hoot to drive and it is very difficult not to welly it like a hooligan.

Changed the air filter and pollen filter and both very mucky.

Polished up the front headlights as well and they are now sparkling.

Doing Oil filter and Oil tomorrow,

Got a new key fob and trying like mad to program it to operate as remote locking and immobiliser ket.

Do not have a black plip on but two other none plip keys that start the car no problems.

Using the instructions posted on the net I can get the car into programming mode but actually then programming the key

to lock and unlock does not want to happen.

I'm thinking the key fob I have got is wrong type and hence wrong frequency.......

The newly cut key opens the doors quite happily and gets the engine turning but does not start.

Any thoughts? Picture of new key fob.....does that look like your T Sport plip key fob? One of the master keys say Valeo on it and the new plip

key has a frequency of 433 Mhz.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Anyone used the internet instructions to actually program a new key (locking and immobiliser) on a T sport?

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