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There She Blows....!


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After more than 10 years and 230K, my wife's Yaris 1.0 developed its first real problem.
It blew an extra hole in its already severely rusted exhaust manifold.
This is the first car I heard of, that wears out its manifold quicker than the rest of the exhaust system, which is still the original and in good condition. :dontgetit:

These parts are not easy to source and seem to be (€€) Toyota-only.
It came off relatively easy after a couple of days WD40-ing.

She still doesn't want to part from it, even after another hot summer without airco.
But I have to admit.... it's a remarkable car.
Absolutely no rust, drives good, no strange noises or rattles.
Of course it has a different comfort level than my T27 Avensis, but that doesn't seem to bother her at all.
The Yaris' interior starts to show its age though, and the next problem area are the headlight "glasses" turning yellow.
But then again, who wants to buy a 10 year old >230K Yaris, or what dealer wants to trade it in for an interesting price....

Even the thought gives her tears. :crybaby:

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Yes, but thanks for the link anyway.
With "problem area" I actually meant that the problem is on me.
Like ellbow grease and hours and hours of pollishing.

When I think of it, I get many more blurred visions lately of me, cursing under the hood of an old Yaris, preferably in freezing or rainy weather....
Fingers crossed. :ermm:

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