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Why Is My Car Running So Rich? Wheeelllppppp

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Hi guys,

I hooked my car up recently to a live data logger as it was idling a bit rough. Rpm was rock solid just rough idle. When I hooked it up I found out that it's running rich. I have recently installed 2 new one denso and one Ngk O2 sensors and have no cel on. I have maf reading as well that appears to be ok but I can't find out what it should be. Any help is appreciated.

I am more leaning towards fuelling issues and also I cant hear my fuel pump going when getting ready to start the car.

Also people with same car, could you please tell me where the intake pipe is ending towards the front of the car. Mine is just behind the passenger side indicator. I would image that its got a restricted air flow. Too little air coming into the engine.

I have tried to find leaks but had no luck. I bought a can of smoke from maplins and sprayed around, it just flooded my car and didn't come out of any where.

I would really like some help with this as its driving me insane as Konrad Already Knows. :)



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I have confirmed to Waqar that the air intake is standard and not restricted. The engine sucks what it needs and the inlet limits the amount of foreign bodies entering. That why things are found trapped by the air filter.

More powerful engines are using the same ducting.

The fuel pump only primes once after a long spell off and unless the pressure is low will not prime again. Also it is quiet.

Once the engine is running the pump is working fine. If not the engine will not run. I have fixed a fuel pump in a Land Rover Freelander that was not working. The guy was left hanging by a so called mechanic. I turned up and sorted it out. Fuel pumps are expensive. I am not a mechanic!!!

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Hi Waqar,

Look at the attached on a current thread about upper cylinder cleaner:-

I think the answer to your situation may be the stuff used, if you can get hold of it.


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