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Fm Transmitter


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For a few months now I've had a new mobile phone,it replaced a nokia with a built in FM transmitter.

The new phone is a Samsung with no built in FM transmitter,only blue teeth ;)

My Nokia one also went wrong recently so could no longer play music through the cars stock audio unit,which has no blue teeth.

I was considering buying an aftermarket Audio unit with blue teeth and going that route.

BUT........after being told about FM transmitters that can plug into the earphone socket on a mobile and transmit my music through the Rav's Audio.

I purchased one from A****n and its about the same size as a small match box,tuned it into the same frequency as the cars stereo was receiving ( a very quiet FM frequency 100.5 ).

And low & behold I can hear my music very clearly from my mobile again,its cost a fraction of the price of a new stereo and works great.

Its compact ,easy to use and no hiss through the stereo....I think its amazing,but then i'm quite a simple kind of bloke.

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Glad you got what you wanted! I had a widget that plugged into my iPod that did the same thing, but these days I seem to spend most of my time with radio 2 or 4..

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