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Drab Interior T4-S T25 D4D

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just looking to smarten up the interior after Christmas

really just get the oem stereo changed probably the Speakers too I suppose and to ask if the centre console above the stereo that is a garbage trip computer and an even garbagier sat nav lol with the ancient lcd over orange backlight. its just depressing.

are there any different centre console setups on different models?

are these any good

I don't mean the available functions but the quality and reliability, are they just Chinese rubbish?

are there any recommendations for other types of stereos?

and finally I have seen a parts diagram somewhere at some point and it showed a centre armrest.

I only have a storage bucket with no armrest, is it just a case of looking through scrapyards to see if I can find a model with armrest as standard .

all my internet searching just shows ebay universal bolt on armrests but I don't fancy them


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The MPG/Sat Nav display was replaced by a storage compartment in the facelift model (06-08). It's probably the same fitting so would probably swap, but you'd lose the display altogether. BTW the MPG display was moved into the dash pod at the speedo in the facelift. I presume you know you can switch the display off and just have a pair of dark blank screens?

Higher spec models had a hinged centre armrest which was pretty much a bolt-on to the storage bin you already have. Try a breakers for one, or they also come up on ebay occasionally. Or search through ebay for someone selling an Avensis wheel nut or similar as a lot of these ads are folks who are breaking a complete car.

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