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St205 Boost Issues And Strong Smell From Engine!


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Only purchased my 1994 GT4 a couple of weeks ago but have a few issues already!!

I've been getting a strong smell inside the car after accelerating hard, a cross between exhaust fumes and burning oil, not quite sure what it is.

Also, not having had a car with a boost guage before, I wasn't sure what it should be reading. After a few checks on youtube videos I take it that it should be under vacuum until you put the foot down. My boost gauge sits on the first notch on the positive scale when idling.

Even when accelerating at a moderate pace the boost gauge goes off the scale along with a loud noise from the intake.

I'm now wondering if the 2 problems could be related?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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do you have an exhaust blow? sounds like you are sucking in exhaust fumes through the cabin. I have a smell of oil but its due to oil leaking onto my exhaust and burning.

What sort of intake do you have?

is there any smoke from the rear when boosting?

Regarding the boost gauge, with your foot of the accelerator it will read vacuum as the throttle is closed should read about 50-60?

what gauge are you using/?

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I'm leaning towards the fact it could be an exhaust leak and some oil dripping on to the exhaust. Gonna get it up on ramps and see if I can find any bad leaks.

Have a standard intake with an HKS filter.

Going to get someone to drive the car tomorrow so I can follow and see if there's any smoke when they open it up. Havent seen any in the rear view mirror.

The gauge I'm using is just the dash one which I've come the conclusion is knackered! Ordered a new gauge a couple of days ago and will get it fitted this week so I have an accurate idea of what's going on.

Is it normal to have a loud hissing noise coming in to the intake pipe when idling?

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yeah its the sucking from the intake

get an aftermarket gauge, the stock one is useless

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