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Idling Speed Increase


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Hi Guys

I drive an Avensis Verso D4D 7 seater.

Yesterday I drove about 40 miles on the motorway through heavy rain and a very wet road.

Parked the car and came back an hour later.Turned on the ignition and the idling speed jumped fro 800 to 1200.

Did this every time I had to stop.Idled normally for a few seconds then increased

Drove the car home and let it idle on the driveway for some minutes and it idled normally.

Exact same thing happened this morning.First few stops idling went quite high and then drove 10 miles and it was normal.seems like when the car warms up it idles normally.This is the first time in ten years of this car this has ever happened.

Could it have been the wet weather.

One other thing,maybe a coincidence.When driving yesterday there was a small sound from underneath the car like a pebble hiting it.Could something have fallen off or it maybe just was a pebble.

Why after 10 trouble free years driving this car has this idling speeded up.

More of a nuisance at this stage than anything.

Anyone ever had trouble like this before.

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Funny you should mention this as i had a similar thing on my 2.0d4d ,i found that when it was a certain temperature outside lower than 6/7 c and the aircon was switched on along with the heat setting on full temp,with engine being cold the revs would rise to 1200,perfectly normal apparently,gets the heater warmed up quicker hth..

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Sounds perfectly normal to me now the temperature. Is getting colder plus you will will also be putting more load through it ie lights heated screen etc


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All Toyota cars I have owned both petrol and diesel have done this for many years now and it only really becomes noticable as the cold weather arrives, it's nothing to worry about.

Just re-read your post and I am amazed that it has taken almost 10 years to notice it.

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I'm amazed myself.

Maybe something to do with the radio on

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