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Exhaust System


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Hi All,

Being very new to my 1998 "R" reg Toyota Rav petrol engine, which I think is the "Dogs doo dahs", and is so much better than the much newer Landrover Freelander I sold, there are still a few issues that niggle me.

1) Difficulty getting it into First gear. Is this a common fault?

2) Sometimes it sounds as if the Exhaust is blowing. Is there anything I need to check?

Sorry if I sound a bit vague but I am useless when it comes to Mechanical things.

Any advice gratefully accepted

Cheers and Happy New Year

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It may well be that the clutch isn't disengaging fully. Check that theres nothing stopping the pedal from full movement to the floor. If the clutch is engaging close to the floor, it may be well worn or the hydraulic system needs bleeding. Get the exhaust system examined to assess it's condition and to check if it's blowing anywhere.

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the rear exhaust box where the pipe enters it is a favourite place for corrosion. If it is blowing, then you can get it welded if its not too bad. Its cos the muck from the rear wheel splashes up onto the pipe.

The car should go into 1st gear easily. The boxes can be a little notchy from 1st to 2nd. From what I have read, the gearbox oil used should be the one specified.

The clutch lasts around 80k miles approx.

the box does have a known common fault - jumping out of 5th gear. Never known problems with 1st, so perhaps the clutch needs checked as said.

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