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Engine Management Light After Running Out Of Fuel

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I ran out of fuel last month, topped up from jerry can, started Rav back up and management light on since. Car runs fine but just took it for an MOT and the lamda reading was over max (1.090) and wondering if perhaps this has anything to do with it.

Took it round friends garage and it was throwing out a code to do with the catalytic convertor (need to get correct code off him)

While hunting on the interweb found this on honest John


TSB EG 5010 May 2005: If MIL warning light remains on and Fault Codes
PO420 or P0430 can be read off ECU via OBDII port then car needs an ECU
software upgrade and a new catalytic converter with a modified cat
matrix coating.

Subject: Handling of DTC "P0420/P0430" Case by Models

This service bulletin is to inform you on how to handle "DTC P0420 /
P0430" cases for Yaris, Previa / Tarago, RAV4, Avensis Verso / Picnic.
• Engine MIL ON.
• Code P0420 or P0430 in the engine ECU.
• No influence on driveability or engine performance.
Modified Engine ECU software
Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coating
Avensis Verso:
Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coating
Modified Engine ECU software and modified catalyst coating

Ive looked on VOSA and Toyota website and cant find any info regarding this fault or its reference number any body have any info

PS it does reset after I disconnect Battery and my mate at the garage also reset it but within a few hours its back on

Is it likely to be a loose or dodgey lamba sensor, leaky exhaust (apparently leaking a little at a few joints) or god forbid the cats k-nacked

Thanks in advance


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Lambda is the value of the fuel/ air mixture and is calculated from the exhaust gas test done as part of the MOT. The values of HC and CO2 done as part of the test would help draw a conclusion as regards to the high Lambda value. In many cases, a high value results from the ingress of air eg exhaust leaks or the probe not being positioned correctly (most MOT testers would double check this if heading for a fail)

It's bad news when a cat equipped car runs out of petrol - the coughing, spluttering and wild changes in fuel air ratio can damage the cat. If you let us know the fault code - we can advise further.

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