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Air Bag Light Flashing


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Hi guys

My airbag light warning came on yesterday and I took the car to a local garage. It came up with "BO11 squib open right circuit" he had a quick look at the connection under the seat but it looked ok. He said there must be a break in the loom somewhere.

Would anyone know if I can get a loom from anywhere or to try and maybe fix it myself.

Car is driven mainly by the wife for the school run etc so a little paranoid. I rang Mr T and they asking way too much just to put it on a computer which I'm assuming will be same as what local garage has come up with. Obviously I do want to get it repaired but not at Toyota prices.

The car is a 2003 Tsport

Thanks guys

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Never take a risk with an airbag as they are explosive and could cause a nasty accident if it went off in error...

Money issues are not worth your children's or wife's life.

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brother in law had similar issue with his corolla

was just the connection under the seat.

he looked at him himself and thought it was ok but when he brought it to mechanic he said it was that connection.

think mechanic just had to clean the connections.

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No way would I do that, was just hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get a replacement wiring harness or maybe a non toyota garage no one locally can do it apart from diagnosing the fault. I had an airbag light on a Rav a few years ago and was charged just under £1800 to have it fixed. Think the car is only worth slightly more than that, so taking it to Toyota is out of the question.

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Thanks for that Andy. Its worth giving that a try see how it goes will update later


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Tried cleaning the connector but it didn't work.

It's booked in for the Airbag recall we'll see what Toyota quote. 😱

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