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Boot Noise


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Anyone else have this problem? My Celica t sport 03 has what I describe as a creeky, knocking, squeeky noise. It comes from the boot area and sounds quite superficial but is driving me insane! My local garage checked things over and it's not wheel bearing or something like that. I dint know if it's interior panels or what. What can I do to stop this, so annoying!

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Listen for a metallic clunking sound when going over bumps. If you hear a "clunk" as though two metal objects are banging together when you go over bumps, it's because two metal objects are banging together. The clunking sound is most likely the bushings, or lack thereof, in your upper and lower control arms. These bushings cushion the stress on your control arm joints. When they wear out and disintegrate, the only thing left is metal. When you hit a bump in the road, the joint bangs against itself. You'll need to have these bushings replaced.


Check for a squeaking noise accompanied by excessive bouncing when going over bumps. If your vehicle bounces after hitting a bump in the road and makes a squeaking noise at the same time, it's an indication that your shocks are worn. The shocks control the spring bounce travel. If the springs are allowed to "bounce", it means that the shocks are no longer able to control the travel in the spring and need to be replaced.


Listen for a metallic whistling or winding sound (which could also be described as a mix between whistling and grinding) coming from the lower suspension. This is a clear indication that the rear wheel bearings are worn and need to be replaced.

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Just a thought - are the spare wheel and tools located securely?

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It has been checked by a mechanic joint wise and bearings are fine. It's not tools/jack etc removed all these it's sounds like it's more of a plastic panels issue possibly? Gonna be a perseverance thing I feel. I might strip all the plastic trim in boot and put adhesive foam cushioning along them all, see if this stops any movement etc, anyone tried this?

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