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Toyota Previa Clouds White Smoke


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Hi, hoping the collective knowledge on this site will be able to help. I have had a look through the various forums and tried a couple of things out, but nothing has helped so far.

The problem:

Driving to work as normal in my Previa Diesel (1CD-FTV) and on the motorway noticed a small whine (bit like when the alternator isnt grounded properly and it affects the radio), no other issues so carried on driving. Shortly afterwards started to notice the engine felt sluggish (still doing 70) but it was almost like the clutch was slipping - albeit the engine wasnt revving.

About a mile later I was taking the slip off the motorway and it felt like I was down massively on power. Stopped at the traffic lights, pulled away with little to no issues. Drove for another mile and started to notice little puffs of smoke coming from the exhaust and a rattling from the engine. Pulled over and stopped and called the AA.

Bloke arrived and fired up the engine - no smoke at all, couldnt spot any immediate issues so he went on his way. As I was interviewing someone I jumped in a taxi leaving the car parked up. Came back a couple of hours later and started the engine - massive clouds of white smoke from the engine - literally like an industrial smoke machine. Got the car recovered to home and since then I have removed and cleaned the EGR valve (caked with soot and sticking) and replaced it. However the car is still producing clouds of white smoke and although the car revs it still feels low on power and "stutters" at around 2000-3000 revs. This is all on the drive as its not safe to take on the road with the amount of smoke it is producing. The exhaust will still smoke for a good couple of minutes after the engine has been switched off which I am assuming is caused by Diesel in the exhaust. Its worth noting at no point has the engine warning (or any warning) lights come on.

I am trying to get a hold of a diagnostics machine but from what I understand this version of the engine doesnt have a standard OBD.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I can do most repairs myself, but I am at a loss as to what is wrong and have no desire to pay toyota £1500 for a new turbo or £600 for new injectors for the issue to continue if its something simple to fix.

I have heard about blocking off the EGR but wanted to ask for advice here before doing that.

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Hi Frosty thanks for the link - made for interesting reading.

EGR valve has been cleaned fully and coolant levels look to be remaining stable. I believe that I have an incomplete combustion problem or overfuelling issue and wanted to double check this.

At the moment the engine starts (very reluctantly this afternoon) and produces a small amount of white smoke from the exhaust. When I press the accelerator the quantity and density of the smoke increases substantially, I am also noticing a "burbling" noise from somewhere in/near the engine. Also seem to be getting some whisps of smoke out from the air intake when running the engine with the air box disconnected. The final symptom is when revving the engine - it feels lethargic between 2000-3000rpm. If I accelerate through this range its fine, but if I stop in this range it has a habit of stagnating and being very reluctant to accelerate again until after the revs have dropped below 2000 rpm - could this be a symptom of a dodgy turbo?



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how is the oil level in the car? this was one of the first signs on a turbo failing


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Hi Alex, oil level was down but still above the minimum line. Any other signs to look for / tests to try?

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So a bit more information for you all.

Fuel filter replaced and no difference made, still smoking at idle - however this is not extreme.

Accelerate any amount and it becomes a solid wall with no sign of transparency. Did an oil burn measure after topping the engine up and it appears to have burnt almost 1/4 of a litre of oil in approximately 2 minutes of running.

I have read of two possible causes for this: Injector seals blown or turbo seal failure. I am leaning more towards a turbo seal failure as the problem with the injector seals wouldnt result in this level of consumption - however I could very well be wrong on that front. I only really have money to either replace the turbo or replace the injectors - dont really have the funds for both so any help would be much appreciated.

I have a guy coming out who can read the ODB for me (£35) but the engine warning light has never came on at any point in time.

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I am looking to replace the turbo on the car but I am not sure whether or not the engine has to be removed or not to allow the turbo to be replaced.

Does anyone know how long it takes to replace the turbo?

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Check the mass air flow sensor. Clean that out with MAF cleaner and see how it goes.

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