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Toyota Test Wireless Prius Charging

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The main benefit is for areas with theft or vandalism issues or for fleets such as the Post Office and their vans.

The main problem is compatibility between manufacturers. At present there are about half a dozen different charge plugs/sockets; chademo, mennekes, etc and the infighting about who should adopt which still goes on. Now imagine the issues between manufacturers over differing standards for wireless charging. You'd hate to spend £thousands getting the charge pad installed in your garage only to change your car 3 years later and find you need to install another one. Or you pull into a carpark and find your pride and joy is incompatible.

The final issue with wireless charging is inefficiencies. You lose about 10% which isn't a great amount, but on a £500 electric cost you're losing £50 a year. Not a lot for some, but waste is waste. Times 10% by 20,000 cars and that's significant.

Overall wireless charging has benefits but probably not something to hit the market for another decade.

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