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Got A G6R

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Hi fello TOCers.


Just thought I pay another visit since my 18mth absence after owning an Eunos Roadster.

I just bought a 1999 G6R in Satin black 205, still got the Eunos but it is more a summer fun car and I wanted a more comfortable daily so I went and got the Corolla, this must be my 7th one now,

Still can not decide which car feels the quickest, on paper both produce the same BHP, 1600 twin cam injection, but I think the G6R maybe slightly quicker up to Vmax due to the perfect 6speed gearbox and a better revving engine, also higher top speed by at least 10mph.

I find the Corolla handles okish but it has more body roll into corners, noticeable understeer, then I have been spoilt by the perfect handling of the Eunos.

So far I have replaced front discs and pads, £39 for pads/discs from ebay, all four antiroll bar links, £15 also from ebay, the car came without remote locking fob so I fitted a remote central locking kit £13.49 also from ebay.

I would like to fit Coil overs to lower it a bit to help the initial turn in on the steering but I just can not justify £400plus so might settle for 40mm drop springs at £88 which I thought was a good price, also stiffer 28mm anti roll bars but I simply can not find any 2nd hand and no way will I spend £200 just for the front.

Still a few mods and improvements to carry out and will keep updating when this happens

I have always liked the G6R as my son has had two, I paid £800 for it and I know this model will rise in price as they become more rarer as only 106 left registered on UK roads out of 412, I have seen two for sale since I got mine, one is priced at 1£500 and the other at £1999.

So if anyone has got 2nd hand coilovers or drop springs, anti-roll bars and TTE front bumper or rear spoiler then please shot me a PM



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Nice motor, they are getting more rare over there because we have taken them all over here to Ireland, haha

I had 1 myself a few years ago and I know of at least 10 around the country plus a few wrote off.

As for parts, I think it would be doing justice to the car to just fit a TTE spoiler and source a set of G6R wheels and leave her be.

As you say they are becoming more rare and the bigger money will be paid for a more standard version.

When I had mine it had horrid wheels but I wouldnt find G6R wheels so opted for T-sport wheels which did look the business on it.

Also, I know where there is 1 or 2 being broke if you are after parts...

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Sorry for the bad english in advance..

Very Nice G6R, i haven't seen alot of black one's so far. All it need's is a polish and it's good to go :)

Greetings from a newly introduced G6R owner from Sweden!

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Greetings back RazorZone, I really wanted a red G6R as I think that is the best colour.

Your English is very good, 100% better than my Swedish

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