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Acceleration Issues 2001 Avensis

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I would appreciate advice on the following:

Toyota avensis 2.0 SR 2001, 175k

the car has developped acceleration issue in all gears,

for a few seconds nothing, the pedal has either no effect or produced a pretty gurgly attempt at acceleration- or fades in and out then kicks in, once settled its fine, as long as push pedal smoothly, and oddly if hill is to steep, there it goes again

having had injector issues with my carina, pretty certain this isnt to do that with anything like that and the engine light hasnt come on - no sign of cracks in air hoses, ht leads or distributor cap - havent checked sparkies because it doesnt feel like a misfire, rather wrong air mixture

i cleaned the throttle housing, dirty but nothing catastrophic, but noticed the throttle cable was very slack, i turned the adjustor nut right to the end of the bolt, but there still is a fair bit of slack (but does seem to operate throttle fine when pulled b hand)

I havent taken the panel off and poked at the pedal end of things yet but I suspect the throttle cable could be the culprit - any views welcome

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if it does not rev with the pedal but revs ok with the tb

cable is the problem.

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