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Oil Leak


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The other day I noticed a very slight leak from under the right front wheel, my fiancé is a mechanic so he took it into work today and had a look on the ramp. He says its the front crankshaft oil seal, how easy would it be to change it and would he need any special tools to do the job? (he's only worked on Fords so not 100% sure about the Yaris).

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Take the wheel off , unbolt caliper and sling it out of the way with a bungi cord, take off the rotor, then you have too take the pumpkin cover off the axel diff in the front (drain fluid first) easy way to do that take out bottom and side bolts out then leave top 1 or 2 in but finger loose.

Pry cover off with a sturdy scrapper from side allowing fluid to leak out from bottom of cover.

When fluid is done coming out then take off cover.

To take the axel out to replace the seal you have to push the axel inwards to remove the C- CLIP on the end of the axel shaft that slides into the inside of the pinion gear (use a extending magnet) keeps gear oil on your hands and from dropping it into the pumpkin housing.

Then all you have to do is slide the axel shaft out. then replace the seal .

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A belated thanks for your reply Raistlin, we took the Yaris into the local garage where they confirmed the oil leak but also said the crank shaft pulley had a hairline crack and should be replaced. Total bill came to £432! Phew :eek:

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