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Confused About My Yaris!


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I wonder if someone can help me. I bought a used Yaris (2011 Model) which has done about 30,000 miles. I have always driven automatic and this one's a I-Shift Transmission.

My questions to Yaris owners are these:

1. Why does my Yaris struggle to get beyond 60mph? I have done 70-75 but only when on a slope.Is this normal for 1.3 engine Yaris?

2.Secondly, why are the gear changes so acutely felt and jerky? I feel them even when I am doing 50mph and accelerate to go faster and everyone in the car feels it. It is particularly acute when I start the car and ease off and the lack of speed is a bit of a handicap when entering a roundabout and I seem to block other cars as my car is still slowly gaining speed with jerks! I can see all other small cars smoothly passing me by while I am still struggling!

3.Is there any place in UK where I can get my Yaris checked by Toyota Company. I bought the car from the Toyota dealership in the area and I don't know what to do to get answers.

Can you help me? I have got warranty for the car but feeling really low!


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Hi, Welcome to the club... Enjoy :driving:

I would take it back to your dealer and get then to check it as it should not be jerky when driven.

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that doesn't sound right, I used to have a Yaris MMT transmission similar age and it never struggled getting to 70

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The Yaris was sold by the dealer with his own company warranty. He insists that the jerky motion is something which would smoothen out as I learn to drive MMT. I have driven Automatics all my life and although you do feel the change of gears slightly I have never felt it in the middle of the motorway while going at 50mph.

Does any one know if Toyota Company has any facilities to check their cars rather than the dealer who well might insist it is alright?

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You need to get it checked by an independent dealer, then if it is faulty you can reject it and get a refund.

Goods must be sold fit for purpose...

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When was the car registered? If after June 2010 it should have a Toyota 5 year/100,000 mile warranty so shouldn't really have needed an additional dealer warranty.

Take it to a different dealer. I know that in our part of the world they are largely all part of one multi-franchise dealer but they vary between branches & if you are willing to travel 30 or 40 miles you can get outwith that group.

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Your contract is with the person you bought it off, take it back and have it properly assessed. If you do not think it is right, and he says it is, get him to pay for an RAC inspection and see what they have to say. If you take it elsewhere you will have to pay yourself for any repair or report

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