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Fault Codes


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Hi All

I have a colleague at work with a 51 plate RAV4 (petrol) that he is very happy with, but now the engine management light is on, and according to a Toyota dealer, the following error codes are causing this:

P0420 Cat System Efficiency

P0430 Below Threshold (Bank 1)

A/F Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

The dealer quoted him £1500 to repair this !!!

Does anybody know if there is an easy fix to this - the car is located in the Gatwick area ?

Would really appreciate any help as my colleague is semi retired and that is a lot of money for him.

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P1155 is simply a heater fault on the relevant Lambda sensor (air / fuel sensor). Simply a replacement unit required - £100 in round numbers. The other two codes essentially mean that the catalytic converter on bank 1 cylinders isn't as efficient as it should be in terms of emissions control. I'm assuming that the high price quoted included a new cat to remedy this problem. However, there are reasons that the codes can be spurious / temporary. After replacing the Lambda sensor - reset the engine light and take the car for a lively drive to get the cat nice and hot and you might find that the fault doesn't repeat. If the worse comes to the worse - the cat can be replaced far cheaper than quoted.

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Thanks. I will pass on the message to my colleague !

Will advise him to have the sensor replaced and see what happens from there - many thanks again !

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