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Burnout Tips

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you will bend the little fins on your torque converter.

the best way to do burns without actually damaging anything apart from rubber would be to get the engine so powerful, it naturally can do them from sudden bursts of power etc.

suddenly flooring it.

and also there is a way to turn off your cars computer control for the tranny... so no *compensation* goes through, thus all power to wheels.

meh, just buy a manual and drop the clutch once in a while whamo.

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seriously, it's not a good idea at all. here's a tip though.

get some lunch room trays, ya know, the plastic flat kind, back up onto them, engage the e-brake, and just turn in circles. the rear will whip around like you're doing donuts, though you're just sliding on the trays.

i believe that's called tray drifting. :ph34r:

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