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New Drl's And Fog Lights


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When I saw these I just had to have them. I thought they
looked just right and the Toyota fog lights are useless in the fog, so nothing
to lose there.

The lights in question are made by Osram and go by the name “LEDriving
Fog Lights” (Part No. LEDFOG101). For Toyota fitment an additional fitting kit
is required (LEDriving FOG TY MOUNT) consisting of a different bracket and
chrome bezel.

First picture is one of the Osram lamps (with STD fitting) with
the Toyota fitting kit.


You can see the difference in the brackets.


This is the wiring kit that comes with the lights, basically
there is a Battery +ve, 2x Battery –ve, side light connection, fog light
connection, an ignition +ve and two wires that go to each side for indicators
(not permitted in the UK) these allow the Fog Light to blink with the
indicators (Assistant cornering they call it) also if the Hazard lights are
used the DRL’s blink with them.


Standard bracket on left, Toyota fitting on the right.


Standard Toyota Fog Light.


Front bumper removed and a view of the Toyota Fog Light from
the rear. They are only held in with one screw which I thought was amazing


Top is the Toyota Fog Light with the Osram LEDriving DRL beneath.


And with the chrome bezel fitted from the Toyota fitting


You are supplied with a dummy connector for one of the original
fog light connectors, as only one is required to connect to the control box.


Safely tucked away.


Here is the control box on the right, going to the left
under the slam panel are the connectors to the Osram lights. To the right is
the rest of the wiring and the connector that goes to the Fog Light harness


New Fog Light connectors.


Connection to the Fog Light Harness.


Excess cable tucked away.


Back of the front bumper with Osram Fog Lights fitted and
cabling cable tied to the lower grill going left to right.


Tada, new LEDriving Fog DRL fitted.


The two wires not connected to the indicators folded and
heat shrink sleeve covered.


DRL’s on.


Up close.


Couple of links:



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Excellent work Mark. If i didn't already have DRL's i would go for this option. Thanks for sharing


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Well done....my good Sir.... well done..... :-)

My complements....

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Nicely done. I also like where you put the other DRL's in the lower grille. Now anyone that ever says they did not see you coming, ought to carry a white cane.

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Thanks Bob, but the other light in the lower grill are driving lamps that come on with the High Beam to improve driving on dark roads.

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Thanks Bob, but the other light in the lower grill are driving lamps that come on with the High Beam to improve driving on dark roads.

My Bad. Are they your answer to the poor headlights then? As I think even on full beam there isn't a very 'thick' spread of light.

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They do make an improvement, just a pity they won't fit in the upper grill. They would work better higher up.

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Very nice indeed.

I have DRL's fitted but they are pretty cheap ones and I fitted them without modifying any of the original car so would come out without any evidence.

I wanted to try and make mine into fog / spot lights. I'd like to keep the functionality of the fog light, although I never use them as such, but it would be good if they came on with main beam too to add a bit of extra lighting. Not sure if that can be done?

Combining the DRL's into the same unit though is perfect.

Any links to where you bought them from and how much the kit cost?


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Craig, I got mine from Andrew Page an parts supply place to trade and public http://www.andrewpage.com/ . I also saw plent on eBay comming from Germany. thet are not cheap though and make sure you ask foe the Toyota fitting kit. £243 all in :eek:

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I put in Philips ones.. about 100 euro...



It fits fine... just a little grinding at the sides...



Total vieuw:


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I've had a look at my standard fog lamps and they are a flat fronted lamp not angled front like the one in your photo, mine have an chrome type angled piece in front of them. In view of this I don't think I would need the toyota angled piece as you describe. It looks like the osram lamp would just be a straight replacement for the existing flat fronted lamp

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Amazes me the mods that many are getting up to with their IQ's takes me back 40 years or so !

Checking my tyre pressures is a major outing for me now !

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Here are my fog LED replacement bulbs. Not sure which to choose


You'll have to let us know which you opted for David, plus ant improvement over std?

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Checking my tyre pressures is a major outing for me now !

So Bob, just install a TPMS on your car and your life will be fantastic !


So far, my Orange system works great.

However I installed it 2 months ago. David is not happy with his system, because the sensors batteries failed after one year.

(if the sensors "hibernate" properly, the batteries should last 7 years minimum)

So it could be a bad advise ! :bored:

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