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Corolla Clunking Noises - Suspension?


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I have a 55 plate Corolla 1.6 VVT which I have owned since September.

When turning the steering wheel there is a clunk and a small amount of play in the steering column.

I had an Avensis with the same problem.

The car also clunks from the front end on both sides when going over small pot holes.

It seems fine to drive, even tyre wear, nothing out of the ordinary with the car but the noise is very noticeable. It sounds a bit like a tin can tapping on the suspension.

The clunking is getting worse. The car has recently had new tyres all round which made no difference to the noise.

The car has a Toyota warranty on it until September. I have had the car looked at by my local Toyota dealer and they couldnt find the fault.

Has anyone had a similar issue or can give me advice on what to look for to see if I can find whats causing it please?

The Toyota mechanic said there is wear in the power steering but it is not unsafe or excessive.

Could the clunking when turning the steering wheel be linked to the suspension clunking?

I feel they are two seperate issues.

Thanks for any help.

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Could be so many things its so hard to say from a distance and so many causes very hard to identify without the skill, tools and experience to locate them properly during the early stages of wear.

If Toyota say there is no safety issue, then it might be worth going to a garage who do MOTs as ask them to do a full steering /suspension check for you, would not think it would cost that much, ( but ask first !), though don't be too disappointed if they cannot find anything serious; bound to be a little acceptable wear in some areas on a 9 year old car.

Bit surprised to see a 55 plate coming out of a toyota dealer.. they usually put such cars out to the auctions/trade , though nice that you got a years warranty.

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I think I have the same problem on an Auris. When the steering wheel is turned right it makes a tick sound, like the sound when you click on a mouse.

If its not that, here are the possibilities.

You mentioned going over humps made this sound? Could be your shock absorbers, not a big job but it is general wear and tear.

Check out the video.

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Thanks for the replies. That video doesn't really show the problem I have.

If I turn the steering quickly from left to right or vice versa, and this can be a tiny amount, there is a clunk and a very small amount of play. Kind of like the steering wheel is unattached from the shaft for a split second then it clunks and contacts the shaft again. It does this stopped with or without the engine running and driving too.

I'm going to have another look at the car tomorrow to see if there is anything obvious.

The other thing I have noticed recently is the paint has gone flatter on the rear drivers side of the car. Looking at it very closely its clear the rear wheel arch and door have been poorly repaired after an accident. Also the bumper and rear quarter of the car have all been resprayed.

I'm a bit gutted to say the least, that I bought the car from a Toyota dealer and paid a lot more than I would have from an independent garage, to try and ensure I got a car in as good as condition as possible, allowing for its age. The car had done less than 60,000 miles with full Toyota service history. This was after buying a wreck of a Subaru WRX from a Volkswagen dealer thinking I would get a good car there too.

Maybe I'd be just as well taking my chances with dodgy dealers, At least the cars are cheaper to buy. :-(

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Many Corollas came out in some form of Silver paint and from speaking to others its one of the hardest colors to match when respraying and large areas have to be oversprayed to make a small area of damage look good, so it does not necesarily mean you have a cut and shut etc.

By the same token, its now even more important you take the car to an independant gararge to check the steering and suspension as already mentioned and now also to inspect those damaged areas to see if they can establish how bad the oiginal damage was, could just be a typical supermaket bollard scrap, looks bad but nothing more.

Ask around to see if anyone you know can recommend a good garage if you do not know of one; might cost you £50 to £100 to have it checked over but hopefully it will give you some answers.

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