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Alarm Problems


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the !Removed! alarm on my 10 plate 3.0l invincable has gone off 4 times in the last 24hrs.

ive checked all the windows doors etc and all ok

is the fuel flap connected to the alarm as this is abit tempermental??

i fitted some roof bars to house a ladder yesterday and it stared going off so i took it off today and its gone off since so it cant be that.

i know i shouldnt but for the time being can i just disconnect the horns

This is the 2nd hilux ive had that has had this problem the other one was an 07 hilux 2.5

i could quirte happily live without an alarm but toyota said its not that simple just to dissconnect it???

Thanks in advance

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You may have any number of alarm type any many of them a extremely different.

1. you may have a voltage drop sensor which triggers the alarm when a burglar opens the door or disconnects the Battery to avoid alarm activation, I have heard of things like the car clock causing issues as they are on constant supply.

2. does you alarm have a Battery backup? if so that may need changing.

3. shock sensor, low base noises/rumbling can activate the alarm turn down the sensitivity, passing trucks can effect it.

4. motion sensor, does you car have these? they are to detect when a scum bag puts their hand inside a wound down window to thieve stuff, if you have them and one is faulty, replace it

5. window mics, these are tuned to the frequency of your car windows, if you have these and someone throws a stone at your windows or even taps a key against the windows it will set the alarm off.

6. tilt sensor, if you have one of these they are there to stop people putting your beloved vehilce on a tow truck or jacking the vehicle to steel your rims.

having said all of this, it is easier and cheaper to just put a new alarm in. in my experience when you begin to have issues with an ageing alarm you will continue to have issues.

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I just had a similar problem with my T-Spirit, can you turn off alarm by using the key to lock the door instead of the button on the key.

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