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Need Some Help With "bhp"


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Hay ya'll

I have a Starlet EP82 (1995) Wich is with a 1330 cc engine..Im new on this Modifying things.. So thought of posting some topcis here & get some help !!!

>> I was told by a friend of mine that taking off the catalctic converter i can increase some BHP's. Is this True?? How ?? Will is damage da exhaust ??

>> Next issue he said is that by replacing the normal Air intake with a Performance Air intake would again increase the BHP of the car !! Is this possible?? Will it hurt the engine??....


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both questions.yes they will release a bit more hp and neither will damage the engine or exhaust if done correctly

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up grade your brakes......think about it......those extra few feet that you could wait going into a corner could meen the difference of embarassment or plesure!?!?!

just a thought


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Also if your car came with a cat converter. And you put a cat by pass on it you might fail your mot test. As the car was built with it on in the first place.

If i was you I would just stick with a induction kit and a sports exhaust. I would leave the cat in place!!


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AS mentioned both questions are YES.

The induction kit and De-Cat allow the car to breathe more freely, working on the more in-more out principal not only does the combination add more power to the vehicle with no damage (read below) you will notice a great deal of difference to the sound of the engine where the induction kit brings more air in, and the De-Cat Pipe also increases the volume, changes the tone of the exhaust.

IMO the first two engine mods on most cars should be the de-cat and induction, although there are a few things to remember. On UK cars which were sold with a Cat it may be necessary to keep the Cat pipe and switch it over for the MOT to keep the emissions below legal levels, it's not a big job and for the extra enjoyment you get well worth it.

Other things to consider, better alloys, lowering springs (new suspension even better)...

Hope that helps a bit ....

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