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Need Help Please. Problem With Car


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If this is not allowed please let me know and I will delete it.

I have a Toyota prius.

The check engine light is on with the 3 other lights on dash board.

One of them is the vsc.

What's been happening is the car would start fine. I would drive for a couple for maybe 5 minutes maybe longer then it sounds like its changing to a higher gear, at that moment it will no longer have an interaction with the Battery after that. That's what I see on the energy screen.

It will also not let it go any faster than the current speed I'm going.

I pull over and turn the car off for a few minutes.

It restarts the just fine, but then its starts back all over again.

Anyone have any suggestion on what the problem could be?

Any advice is greatly appericated.

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Amanda - your query is fine.

However, I have moved it to the Hybrid/Toyota Prius club to generate more of a response for you.

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I have no experience of this fault myself, but I had a look around the internet and found this:


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I agree.

Take it to the dealers. Could be an overheating inverter.

It might also help to say where in the world the OP is from. Might be able to focus the response to your market and warranties.

I'm not saying this applies to the OP, but Priuschat was recently infiltrated by a troll who would pose as a female asking strange and bizarre problems not reported by anyone else - ever, and then never respond back after a day or two. I believe the recent update on that site was to update ways of weeding out such trolls. I hope Priuschats recent 'loss' is not this forums 'gain'.

Just to be aware.

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Noted and thanks for the advice.

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