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Reversing Camera


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Just got a prius plug in with touch pro, when I put it in reverse the camera comes on, but not parking guides. Is tere a way of getting them on screen or are they not available.


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I also have a 2014 PiP, and the best of my knowledge it doesn't have parking guides on the rear view camera (other than the very rough distance markers at the bottom).

AFAIK, the parking guide lines were a feature that was only on the (fairly useless, in my opinion) parking assist function on the T Spirit. I did try it on a 2010 T Spirit demo before deciding to but a T4 and fit a better sound/nav system and found it to be more trouble than it was worth. By the time you'd faffed about getting the lines in the right place on the screen you could have parked the car normally 99% of the time

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As above, not provided on the PiP, or infact any facelift mk3 to the best of my knowledge.

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Yet oddly, static lines are on the Yaris Hybrid (and possibly other Yaris models too).

I do find them slightly useful when reversing using the camera (as well as mirrors and Mk 1 eyeballs, of course) and the bendy ones more useful still.

I read somewhere the fixed lines in the Yaris are generated within the camera and it might be possible to buy that camera and swap it, but I don't want fixed lines that badly!

The bendy ones were part of a bigger package that included the older hard dive based SatNav and Park Assist.

The Lexus NX I test drove recently had bendy lines and they certainly made the camera even more useful when reversing into a tight space. I'd loved to have tried the Premier trim version with it's 360 degree camera system.

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