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Checked Fuses On My Toyota Avensis 4D4 2008 And Now Have Vsc, Abs And


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My first post here so please be gentle and from what will be written here you can probably tell I know not to much about cars.

Basically I need to replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter as it was no longer working. Having looked at the manual and not initially found the secret hiding place behind the glove compartment I found fuses by the engine and decided to have a look at these. I carefully took out and checked them one by one to make sure they were all ok which they were. As none of these were broken I realized that perhaps Toyota have a 2nd fuse box location. I finally managed to find it behind the glove compartment. The reason to hide it there is probably to try to get people like myself from not effing about with it.

Again checking each fuse individually I finally found the faulty fuse and replaced it with a like for like fuse. Once replaced I started the engine to test the cigarette lighter to check it was now working, which it was. Later on that day I had to head off for an errand when I realized that I now had VSC, ABS and TRC lights on.

I have tried to look online to get some information whether this is something that is likely after checking fuses and also how to reset the lights. I did find one forum suggesting using a paper clip but somehow (call me crazy) I just don't feel like that confident to use a paperclip with electrics as I quite like my car.

My fear is that I will have to bring in the car and it will be a costly job, but on the other hand this might be the only option I have. Feel somewhat miffed off about checking fuses on the car resulting in these dashboard lights going on.

Just as a note, when switching on the car the lights do go off initially however as soon as I press the breaks the lights go on for all these three lights.

Any suggestions are most welcome


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Hello Thomas - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Moved to the Avensis club

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I don't know if you've sorted this out, but I experienced the same problem with those lights on the dash.

I had a brake light out. Possibly unrelated, but the lights on the dash went out when I replace the faulty bulb.

Could the issues you've had with the ciggie lighter have blown a bulb through a surge? Worth a look.

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