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Auris T180 2007 New Member Car Help


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Hi I just purchased a 2007 Auris T180 D4D it was a demo first and then one lady owner 50k & full service history.

On driving home from dealers, I notice fuel eco really bad around 30mpg and also it does not feel that quick, I took it steady and the next day had a mate check the computer for codes and there was a P0607 Control Module Performance, I had also read lack of mpg and performance could be EGR gummed up with carbon. My mate cleared the error I drove home steady and removed and cleaned EGR it was really clogged I broke up carbon and sucked it out of inlet with mini vac, cleaned up valve with carb cleaner and put it all back together. I then put a bottle of diesel magic in tank and took for steady run real gentle 1.5 -2000 rpm gear changes and got 50mpg.

I had mate check for code again and nothing had returned after that run, I also needed to do a long journey yesterday so I brimmed tank and did a 420 miles driving mainly steady but sometimes giving it some welly and overall I only achieved 41mpg..


1. I read p0607 points at a failed ECM I think engine control management? Does anyone think thats related to gummed up EGR?

2. Can I blank EGR without putting on engine lights or codes? If so where do I add blanking plate at engine or EGR end of pipe?

3. What should I get mpg wise, real owners figures not manufactures guide..

4. Also read about toyota doing engine swaps, could this engine have head gasket issue?

Sorry for all question guys hope someone can offer some advice, otherwise car drives fine aside from slight bearing noise front drivers side think its a wheel bearing sound stays constant when in neutral or in gear and sound goes when turning left but is there when turning right..



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Hello Jason - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

See the following topic as regards the AD series diesel engine - http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/132178-charliefarlies-guide-to-the-toyota-2ad-diesel-engine-and-its-issues/

Toyota are covering these issues under goodwill for a period of 7 years/111,846, whichever occurs first.

The 7 years is from the date the car was first registered.

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I cannot blank off the egr valve so its a case of keeping it clean I do mine every 10k miles

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Mpg anything from 31 to 43 mpg is what I usually get. Average 37mpg what I'm getting which seems in line with what others achieve with this engine in the auris, avensis and Rav4

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Compared to other diesels I personally don't think the t180 feels that quick either - most likely due to the gear ratios being rather long and the smooth torque delivery compared to say a VAG diesel.

A matter of personal taste i would say!

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