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Alarm Problems / Fob Disarm Not Working / Alarm Triggered When Door Is


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Hello, i need desperate help with the alarm on my 2005 XTR VVTI rav4.

Last year i was having some real problems with the remote key fob. The light would be constantly blinking, regardless of whether i put a new Battery in it or not. It would also act like the ARM button was stuck (even though it wasn't) as the car would lock itself repeatedly. The DISARM button would rarely work, or if it did, the car would rearm again before i could get in. I would have to manually open the door with the key and press the DISARM button like a lunatic to stop the alarm going off.

Eventually decided to leave the remote key fob at home (my car is not parked outside my house) and use the spare non-remote key.

i had a blissful alarm-free 9 months, until a couple of days ago. Unlocked the drivers door with the key, switched the central locking for all the other doors to be unlocked, put the key in the ignition - and the alarm went off. I had no way of stopping it so it went on for about 15 mins before stopping itself. Since then, it happens every time i put the key in the ignition. I've checked that all the doors/windows/boot/bonnet is shut securely.

So is there any way i can temporarily disable the alarm until i can take it to a Toyota garage? Unplugging a wire or fuse or something? I'm not very car savvy, so explanations/ pictures or links to a how-to would be great.


edit: it is the standard factory fitted alarm.

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