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Calling All Mr2 2nd Gen Owners


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Hello all, I was looking for a new car and I have always liked the mr2 but I hear so many stories about how easy they spin out and are hard to get back when they do.. This has put me off for a while but I've got a couple of years driving experience now and all the people that tell me these stories have never owned a mr2

Is it all that bad? Spin/handling wise

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Sticky to the road like glue in the dry with good tyres - never had a problem with that. Can get very twitchy in the wet though, so just take your time, especially when there's a big weight transfer from one side to the other (i.e. coming off a roundabout at speed). Treat it with respect, drive according to the conditions, and don't buy crap tyres, and you'll be fine.

Do it. :)

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Hi, i have an MR2 MK2 5th Gen,

In the wet weather i have found it to be quite slippy, I had a nasty accident just turning right with it doing less than 10mph and it spun out of control, But it was a very wet day.

On the other hand when road conditions are dry, its nearly impossible to get it to lose traction.

But it is a great drive and I wouldn't use it as an everyday car. I have a RAV4 as my everyday car now, the MR2 is now slowly rotting on my drive might need to get rid of it, ever since the accident i haven't felt like driving it :(

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