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Differrential or axle clunk, 1992 Paseo

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Hey all - new member from the US here!
Just got a nice 1992 Toyota Paseo 1.5l 5spd, 113,xxx miles
I get a clunk sometimes when shifting gears, after the shift, when changing power, or if I let off the gas when coasting in 4th or 3rd - but not always
I had it up in the air today - checked the usual suspects - suspension, struts, bushings etc.
I noticed 2 new split outer CV boots - so I started checking the axles. Outers are OK still, and no play in-out

With the car in 1st gear, if I turn one wheel, there isn't any slop per se, although about 3-4 degrees in to the turn, kind of like when the gear engage totally [the other wheel is already moving slightly] there is a clunk from the differential area. No too much of a clunk, but it sure sounds like the sound I am hearing
If I change the direction the wheels are spinning, there is a clunk.
Not much of one, but it's there EVERY time.

With the car in neutral, if I spin each wheel, I hear the tiniest bit of a sound in the differential area

With the car in 1st, and a friend holding a wheel to keep things from turning - if I try and turn the inner CV, there is about 1mm or less of play in the driver side
The passenger inner CV, however, has a good 5-6mm of play, and makes a clunk type sound.

so my question is:  Is this likely to be something like a worn pin or ring gears or something in the differential, or just the inner on the CV joint?

Thanks for any assistance!



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