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Will a 1ZZ crank pulley fit the 2zz engine?


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My crank pulley disintegrated on my 190. On eBay, just about all listings are for 1zz engine. (01-05), mine is 2000 2ZZ engine. I don't want a second hand one, but there is a second hand listing for a 1ZZ crank pulley that says it won't fit the 2ZZ. Another listing says it will.

Are they actually the same? Where can I get one from fast?

Edit: Looking at the two, seems like they are balanced differently, mine looks like the one with 4 holes evenly spread. 


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You are in a tricky position since you need the car. I looked at various sites too, but did not find any cross reference between the two engines and the part numbers. The 1ZZ pulley part no. 13470-22021 is readily available at roughly £40, whilst the 2ZZ version, part no. 13470-88600 not available anywhere at any price new apart from abroad! 
If the dimensions are the same, the 1ZZ could be a stop gap until you can source the correct pulley. You will have to drive more gently! Also agree about using secondhand unless there is proof it was a replacement., and not as old as an original.

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I could literally only find two on eBay for the 2ZZ-GE engine. It looks very old, but I bought it anyway for £9 after offer. The other was someone breaking a 2ZZ-GE celica and wanted £70 for it!!!

It's crazy! I might phone up the local Toyota parts dealer and see if I can find a new one. 

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