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fuse location

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Hello again, just a wee quickie, does anyone know where the airbag fuse is on a 2006 Corolla 2.0 D-4D.   I've not got a manual atm and I want to turn it off.   Thank you in advance, Dee   

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Don't think there is a specific fuse for the SRS , seems it draws its power from a couple  of fuses common to the cars core functions.

If you want to disable the airbags to allow other work, this seems to be the recommended procedure.




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Hi de tomato and oldcodger, thank you for the response.

Yes disconnecting the Battery would disable all systems but I only wanted the airbag isolated.

Seems like a trip to the electrical mechanics is on, I was trying to get it sorted without leaving home as the car is SORN'ed.

Not to worry, and thank you again, best wishes Dee


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What are you trying to achieve by turning off the 6 Airbags ?  plus you refer to it as The Airbag, are you talking about just one eg the steering wheel  ?

It looks an integrated system, all or nothing but their might be some electronic way of isolating the bag individually, but not seen any hint of that.


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All sorted, every man to his own trade.

Problems solved and MOTed and all.

Thank you everybody, I appreciate the help.   It's nice to know that there is help, especially from this website.

Kindest regards, Dee


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