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Ping sound


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Started getting a pinging sound mostly when engine first starts, then when I push pedal down hardly anything but when i take foot off the pedal it pings.

It defiantly coming from the engine bay, I took top heat-shield off to make sure that wasn't rattling it did take the noise down a little for when i put foot on pedal but still there when engine starts.


Can any one recommend what this could be please thanks if video needed can supply one.

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throttle pedal also when turning steering wheel while moving or not moving makes the noise as well could it be the steering pump making noise.

Rule out alternator ive just put new one on its not that making the noise.

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the only ping sound I get similar to submarine sonar (which baffled me at the start) is from the ABS actuator which activates after the can has stood still for over few minutes and only happend when you are moving off.

At the time dealer assured me it was normal

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