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Removing the 12V Socket Panel


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I'm trying to install a Dashcam in my 2015 Auris petrol. After seeing that the fusebox isn't an option I was going to go off the supply for the 12V socket and hide another 12V socket with an inline fuse somewhere behind the dash. I cannot see how to remove the panel for the 12V socket though, has anyone done this before? Or does anyone know a better place with an ignition live on the drivers side under the dash to tap into? There seems to be great room behind the panel on the RHS of the dash. Thanks (pic below).




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2 minutes ago, Bob110023 said:

Try the heated seats as they are ignition switched.

They would do perfectly too as I had been trying them with the key off and it's all good. How do you get at the wires though? I poked around for ages but couldn't see any way of getting that panel off (12V, Seats, AUX/USB).

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I found it very easy to piggy back from the fuse box. The entire job only took ten minutes, that included removing and refitting the glove box and concealing the wiring.

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