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1972 Carina questions


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Hi there, first post. I'm really glad to see theres some kind of forum for the Carina, even if its across the pond from me. I'm currently in need of help! Seeing as the Carina is about non existent in the US, so is any research i can do on the car. No one over here has even really heard of it, let alone can they help. Even Google turns up dry. I'm hoping someone here has knowledge on the car or can point me in the right direction. 

Now trust me, I'm a typical american with a spare v8 in my garage and have the know how to throw it in. But, unlike how most of the world sees us currently, i'm not a careless heathen. Lol. 

I have a few questions, none of which have been answered by any amount of research. First off, its a 1972 Carina, 2TGEU (fuel injected, swapped). I have no spark. When it was swapped it was also converted to electronic ignition. it ran a few days ago when i brought it home, and then took the distributor out for cleaning (never disassembled), and re timing it. new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, Battery, and grounds. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for the Carina? Is there anything more i can check before continuing to replace ignition parts? next was the distributor itself and the electronic control unit on the coil. for the record i have fuel and good compression. 

Secondly, are there any other cars aside from the celica that i can use to source (some) parts from? things like suspension, brakes, etc.

And last, are there any other well known issues with these cars that i should fix right away?

Any and all help is appreciated, thank you!

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Hi, I have never owned a Carina, although I remember them on the road! So no schematics or manuals or even-in depth knowledge from me, sadly.

But, have you checked for a spark from your 'king' lead, i.e the one that comes out from the coil? My logic for this is that there may be an opportunity for a misaligned distributor or incorrectly supplied (or made!) rotor arm/cap. This might be allowing the spark to have no ignition lead to be swiched on to if the rotor arm no longer aligned to one of the four poles. Checking at the coil for a spark bypasses all that. 

Following on from that, some distributor caps have a small graphite bead, sometimes spring-loaded, in the upper center of the 'dome', if this has fallen out (often easy to do, especially as your 'new' spares may have been around a long time) then the rotor arm (which it presses on) may not have continuity. I expect you have tried refitting the original cap/arm? You replaced all those ignition parts as preventive maintenance rather than for a fault?

I imagine that the electronic ignition is Toyota, so there is unlikely to be any setup for the pick-up coil inside the distributor. If you have a photo of the distributor then that may jog some memories?!


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Hi 😉.

I post over on the US Toyota O.C. (ToyotaNation, you will find me in the Corona section).... Carina in Europe=Corona everywhere else! Mine is the '91 Carina II.

Cannot help with any particular expertise but, agreed above, methodical approach will get you there 👍 


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