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Auris HSD start engine problem

Bruno R

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Good morning everyone.
I have a HSD Auris van from the year 2014 and at some point I have had problems with the start button.
By pressing the start button it turns on, but I do not have the gearbox option active, only the lights come on. When I reload the brake pedal again the lights on the gauges turn off and on again, I have to repeat the process a few times until it indicates that I am in the park change box.
Ito has happened more and more.
I would like to know if this malfunction has already been reported here in the forum and solutions.

In Toyota Workshop did not detect any problem, that was at 1 month and since then and the problem has remained.


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Hello Bruno and welcome to the forum.

How old is the 12volt Battery.??  

I ask because the only time I have not had the READY light coming on is with an Auris (2010) HSD. All lights but the READY light would come on, go through the process of pressing the PWR button again, and eventually the PWR light came on.  After a few weeks more and the system failed.  It was the 12v Battery worn out.  Replaced it with new and everything was ok.

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Good Morning
Thank´s Catlover.


When I went to toyota, they checked the Battery and it had charge, the Battery is from the year 2014.
It was said that it could be the Battery that was short circuit !! They were not sure !!

The situation has happened now more often, I wanted to avoid having to change the battery without knowing if the problem is solved, but I think it will have to be.
Otherwise you'll have to stay in Toyota for a while!


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Have you got a Battery charger for the 12v Battery???? Put it on a slow charge overnight. If it is ok in the morning (when normally it would not light up READY) then you know the 12v Battery needs replacing.

In the uk the cost of a Toyota 12v battery is about £135. If the 12v battery is still in the load area of your car (not under the front bonnet) then it is worth getting a Toyota battery at the high price. If you put in an ordainary acid battery and get a bad bump up the rear the battery could get opened up and acid go over passengers. Not good.

Where are you from Bruno? If from a very cold country, the battery at 4 years old could have a lot of work to do in the winter causing it to be failing.

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  • Devon Aygo changed the title to Auris HSD start engine problem


Where in the Toyota shop is cost +- 150€ the Battery,  i live in Portugal, so the winter where is not so hard!

Today it happened 2 times the problem, need to wait a few seconds and the push 2 our 3 times the bottom.

I will try to get a Battery charger.

I think our is the Battery, our the sensor of the pedal  brake!


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