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Yaris 2002 - Tail Lights, Dash Lights FLB not working, please help!


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I have a Toyota Yaris 2002 3 Door, having issues with my tail lights and dashboard lighting, front low beams, when putting the stalk up a notch (middle).

normally I would see the dash, tail lights are activated with a symbol in thr dash, I'am not going that either. 


Have changed the fuses under dash and in engine department, 7.5 amps and also bulbs, it was working before but intermittently. Please advise on this. 

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>> it was working before but intermittently. Please advise on this.

I'd suggest it's something to do with the stalk, if a spray with contact cleaner cures it, then I'd suggest replacing the stalk.

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OK I will give this a try, oddly, when I did replace the bulb today it worked for about 5 minutes then it stopped working altogether. 

Although when it is full on the beams (2 notches up) the front high beams work, but again not the tail lights. 

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I check the connections and there was voltage, I have managed to get it working, it turned out to be the stalk, where it has contacts just at the back of the see through plastic cover when you remove the top part cover steering wheel. 


So far it seems to be working, I was stumped as I checked the fuses and the cables wiring to the tail ligtts they seemed be getting the voltage through l, I then removed the stalk covers, part of the steering wheel, and removes the wiring harness and checked that with a multimeter and that too was reading a voltage. 


Thanks again for the help guys 

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