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chugg and smell


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Hi - back in august I asked door advice about chugging and rotten egg smell.  It went away. Have had the rotten eggs only a couple of times since (not bad).  Tonight moving away from traffic lights, got a chugg.  Tried revving it up a bit a few times from slow as I went on - eventually got a petrol smell for a few minutes and that went away.  Revved up again a few more times and got a burning smell (sometimes get this when revving heavily - has done this very sporadically for 4 years - I don't normally use high revs)......any bright ideas please?  Doesn't sound like anything major....




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Your symptoms don't match unclepoo's, but is it possible your 'chugg' was a misfire?


If there are no better ideas coming along, perhaps it might be worth getting your ignition coils checked for water ingress?

Particularly cylinder 1.  Just checking the coils for corrosion won't need much time or any special tools or skills, just a 10mm socket (and care with the wiring). It should be fairly obvious once they are out if water has got into the void past the rubber seal.  If the plugs themselves need to come out, then the unusual plug socket mentioned in that post is essential, it only fits Toyotas, Minis and Citroen/Peugeots, I think.  None of these jobs is any different because the car is a hybrid, so a trusted independant garage or mechanic could look into this.

If the spark plugs do need changing because one of them has got corroded (at the same time as the coil), they are about £5 each from a motor factor (for a Denso brand), probably a lot more as a Toyota part (Denso brand - same item).  Recently, a member was charged £250 for the supply and fit of all four at a Toyota dealer, which seems a bit steep; I would expect that to have taken less than an hour.

If this was the problem and you needed a new coil, I would guess an aftermarket part would cost from £55 upwards, the genuine Toyota part more like £150.  Perhaps someone knows?

How many miles has the car done?  The plugs are due replacing every 60,000 miles, but as mentioned in the attached post, the plugs often look in good condition when they come out, so it's not super-critical at that mileage, but is certainly good practice.

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There was a recall for fuel tank filler replacement, if you haven’t done that yet it’s a good idea to get it sorted. If the smell is like a fresh petrol same you smell while you filling at the garage there is a possibility that a small amount leaks from somewhere or escapes from somewhere, but just a vapour so not enough to cause a leaky marks and it’s difficult to trace it. Do you smell it when you just fill the tank or randomly? Best is when the smell returns if possible stop immediately and try to trace from where the smell is coming from, rear, under or front of the car,  that way will help you find the problem. Reading your posts make me think that there is something wrong with Fuel supply lines in the engine bay and possibly clogged charcoal canister or return lines too.  Did you said in other posts that the car was rear ended, if this is correct there is also a possibility that something is not properly connected and fuel vapour escapes from there. 


here is a diagram of the parts that maybe misaligned and causing petrol smell. 

I hope this can help you a bit.


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