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Help! Head gasket gone?


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I am completely new to this so apologies if this post is in the wrong place.  

We have a Toyota Regius (1999), Japanese import, LPG conversion but also runs off petrol. It has done approx 70,000 miles. Within the past couple of months it has started chugging when stationary, with low revs (below 1). It has also been losing coolant with no visible leak. On occasion it also seems to lose power in so far as when trying to get speed up it isn't always as responsive and takes longer to get to 60mph.. We have had regular services on both the car and the gas tank.

We have taken it to the garage and they have told us they believe that there is a problem with the head gasket. They did do a test where they found the water in the radiator to be bubbling. To get it fixed will cost in the region of £1,000 and 10 days in the garage. I am (obviously!) really hoping that the fault may in fact be something else.

My question is whether anyone else has had similar problems and, if so, was it in fact the head gasket?

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Hi...and welcome.

Head gasket failure on a Toyota petrol engine is unusual....and at 70k miles.?... very rare.

The Regius is generally a very solid motor...but I guess nothing is impossible when it comes to vehicles.

Your garage "believes" there is a problem.???..that's not very definitive is it....did they do a sniff test.?

What is your coolant temp gauge telling you.?

I'd initially be looking elsewhere for the source of the problem tbh...and find a garage that knows what it's doing when it comes to checking for HGF.

IF it turns out to be HGF then the price they quoted is not impossible.


Good luck...let us know the outcome

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I'm pretty sure I've read about LPG causing head problems, not necessarily Toyota, but generally.

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Yes, that's true, Alan.....but I think the OP needs to ascertain if there HAS been HGF in the first place, rather than just a "belief".

If HGF is present then certainly the LPG system could be a potential culprit.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I am going to book it in with a different garage today and get a second opinion.

Will let you know the outcome!

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