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Lost key fob


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Probably a really simple question, but my car's manual and a Google isn't helping. The fob bit has fallen out of my key and got lost, so I am currently unable to start the car with my key. We have one key without a fob and a spare fob. How do I disable the double locking feature so that we can use the manual key to open the doors as well as start the ignition. I'm not looking to replace the fob, assume it's very expensive.


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Hi "S", welcome to TOC. 🙂

By one with fob & one without do you mean that you have 1 normal key & a valet key? 

if you have lost the internal transponder chip then a mechanical key on it's own will never be able to start the car - there is a transponder reader around the key switch.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure of the technical terms but I have one key without locking switches that starts the ignition and will open the driver door but not not the others (because of the double locking mechanism). My usual key has lost the lock/unlock insert so doesn't start the ignition and obviously won't open doors. We have a spare fob to lock/unlock the doors that isn't attached to a key. So I'm trying to use the normal key to open all the doors so we don't have to replace the fob. If that makes sense?

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